"Te olette aina niin iloisia ja auttavaisia täällä. Teistä näkyy, että tykkäätte olla täällä töissä!"

"Tulen kyllä uudelleen. Täällä asiakaspalvelu on aina niin ystävällistä ja vanhakin nuortuu kun olette niin iloisia aina."

"Teillä kaikki vaan toimii. Vastaatte viesteihin ja soittelette takaisinkin!"

"En olisi ikinä uskonut, että näin hyvin myy. Kehun kyllä teitä toisillekin!"

"Yhtäkkiä alkoi vaan kuulua juttua kaikkialta, että tänne kannattaa tulla!"

"Pidin ensi kertaa kirpputoripöytää ja ajattelin, että tienaan noin 150 euroa. Myynti olikin yli 400 euroa!"

"Tilasin pöydälleni siivouspalvelun. Aina kun kävin kirppiksellä, niin pöytä oli hyvässä järjestyksessä."

New practice: 5 % sales commission

Kuten monet muutkin yritykset, myös Jyväskylän Keskustan Kirppis otti aikamoista runtua koronan aiheuttamien tappioiden myötä. Tämän takia 19.5.2020 alkaen tehtyjen uusien pöytävarausten myyntituotoista peritään 5 % provisio tavallisen pöytävuokran lisäksi. Tämä muutos turvaa sen, että Jyväskylän keskustassa hyrrää hirmu hyvä kirppis tulevaisuudessakin.

Lue lisää klikkaamalla otsikkoa.

Video: How to fill the price tags on your computer (in Finnish)

Did you know, that you can fill in your price tags online even though you haven't booked a table yet? Here's how it's done: 

1) Sign in to your Kirppari-Kalle account
2) Click "Tuotteiden hinnoittelu" (Fill price tags)
3) Click "Luo uusi tarra-arkki" (New sheet)
4) Click "Hinnoittele" (Fill)
5) Fill in the product names and prices one by one or using the Multiply-tool (toistotyökalu)

Laita tavarat talteen odottamaan hintalappujen kiinnittämistä. Nyt voit varata pöydän, tulla noutamaan valmiit hintalappuarkit myymälän kassalta ja laputtaa tuotteesi!

>> Mikäli video ei näy, klikkaa tästä. <<

Keskustan Kirppis - The biggest self-service flea market in Jyväskylä centre

Keskustan Kirppis opened in November 2018 right to the center of Jyväskylä in Vapaudenkatu 40-42, 40100 Jyväskylä. You can book a table through our online booking system Kirppari-Kalle. Through the online service you get to follow your sales in real-time.

Keskustan Kirppis offers you a Sales Guarantee. If your sales don't cover the table rent, we'll cover the difference! Read the Sales Guarantee Conditions here. 

We welcome you to find treasures and turn your extra stuff into money!

Great sales and location

On our first 14 months 2018-2019 we sold 1 117 279,16 € (over a million euros) worth of flea market items, and on an average 873 items per day! We locate right in the center of Jyväskylä, by the central Linkki-bus stops. You can park in the Forum parking hall or Asema-aukio.

Safety first

Recording camera surveillance, alarm tags to rent, and a security deal with Securitas. In addition to the traveling security guard, we can call the security anytime if needed. If you see any suspicious activity or theft intent, tell our staff and we'll reward you with a free table for 7 days rent, if the suspicion is correct. Let's make flea marketing safe together!

Tidy and comfty

We do our best to make our flea market tidy and clean by vacuuming and collecting trash from floors and tables every day. Our corridors are wide enough for you to shop with shopping cart or pushchair. You can also sit and take a breather in our cafe spot, and enjoy coffee/tea/hot chocolate with snack biscuits, chocolate, candy, Trip-juices or Marli's smoothies. Welcome!

Furry friends are welcome

We are an animal-friendly flea market, so you are welcome to visit us with your furry friend. Ask the staff for a little treat for your dog - it's our treat!

Cooperation with Kierrätä ja Auta ry

Kierrätä ja Auta ry is our partner who collects any item donations left to us. They are committed in finding new purpose for old and used goods.

We are open:

Vapaudenkatu 40-42, 40100 Jyväskylä

MON-FRI 11 - 18

SAT 10 - 16

SUN 12 - 16

Holiday opening times 2020:

New Year's Day 1.1. CLOSED
Loppiainen ma 6.1. klo 12-16
Pitkäperjantai pe 10.4. klo 12-16
Pääsiäispäivä su 12.4. CLOSED
2. pääsiäispäivä ma 13.4. CLOSED
Vappu pe 1.5. CLOSED
Mother's Day su 10.5. CLOSED
Helatorstai to 21.5. klo 12-16
Helluntai su 31.5. klo 12-16
Midsummer pe 19. - su 21.6. CLOSED
Pyhäinpäivä la 31.10. klo 12-16
Father's Day su 8.11. CLOSED
Independence Day su 6.12. klo 12-16
Christmas and New Year ma 21.12.2020 - pe 1.1.2021 CLOSED

We inform of changes in opening times on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Small table 24,90 € / 7 days
  • Large table 29,90 € / 7 days
  • Mini-Market 49,90 € / 7 days

Plus the 5 % sales commission..

We want to be the best flea market in Jyväskylä!

Our goal is to be the best self-service flea market in Jyväskylä for both the sellers and buyers. We want to guarantee that our employees and customers have a pleasant stay, great sales results and a safe place to sell their used items.

Our sales are so high, that Keskustan Kirppis offers you a Sales Guarantee. If your sales don't cover the cost of the table rent, we'll pay the difference! Read the Sales Guarantee Conditions here. 

You can arrive to our store easily by car and the bus! We are located in the center of Jyväskylä, on Asema-aukio, right next to the Linkki bus stops. You can park your car to Forum parking hall or Asema-aukio parking lot.

We have over 270 tables to rent, so everybody will get to find treasures!

We are doing our best to make sure, that the items you sell are safe. We have recording security cameras that cover the whole store, and you can rent alarm tags for your most valuable items for 0,20 € / piece.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

What can we do better?

You, dear Customer, are important. We want to be the best flea market in Jyväskylä, so if you have ideas how we could improve our service, please let us know!

We joined the Plastic Bag Deal

Keskustan Kirppis joined in the Plastic Bag Agreement in 2019, organized by Ministry of Environment and Green Deal. The purpose is to reduce the use of plastic bags by offering alternative options.

The best selling stuff on Finnish flea markets

Some trends stay the same every year. Here are five things that you should consider to sell at the flea market - because this is what people buy.

Clothes that are in good shape and in season

The Finnish people are very conscious consumers even in flea markets. They buy mostly clean clothes in good shape. You should wash your clothes and shoes before bringing them to the flea market. Also, think about the season in hand: warm coats and wool shirts in fall-winter-time, and more summery towards the summertime. Remember the party seasons as well; graduations, wedding season and "pikkujoulut".

Vintage clothes have their own specific client base, but also they come up as trends ever so frequently. The best kind of vintage clothes are the ones that go easily with modern clothes as well.

Children's clothes and toys

Children's clothes have been recycled for ages, and it gets more popular every year. The same rule applies to the little clothes: they have to be clean and in good shape. Any stuffed toys should also be washed beforehand. Don't bother to sell anything that's badly broken or worn down.

Valuable materials and brand items

Leather jackets, leather purses and leather fabric overall usually sells well on flea markets. Leather is usually an expensive material, so many people are happy to find a good deal in used items. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if it's a little worn down - leather is a great material for crafting, and DIY-kind-of-people look for it everywhere.

Brand clothes and items are always wanted - although you might want to put an alarm tag to your most valuable items. In Finland the most wanted brands (especially in flea markets) are Marimekko (clothes and fabrics), Arabia dishes, and some international brands like Desigual, GUESS and Tommy Hilfiger. As long as they are - again - clean and in good shape.

In self-service flea markets there's always a slight risk of having some of your items stolen. Many flea markets offer showcase shelves that have access only by the staff, and alarm tags for you to rent and attach to your valuables. Check that the flea market has a camera survaillance.

Interior decor

Nowadays the best interior decorating items come from flea markets and recycled materials! Many DIY-crafters love to find old pieces for their homes (and maybe modify them even more). Anything that looks good on the table, walls or the ceiling. Sell for example old IKEA-findings, retro lamps, flower jars, wall hangings/pictures, vintage dishes and pots form your grandma's attic,

Sports and recreation items

Roller skates, ice-hockey gear, gym balls and weights, yoga mats, camping gear... Anything that's usually very expensive to buy new. People know to look for them from a flea market.

What else should you take into consideration, to maximize your profit? Read the Ilta-Sanomat interview (in Finnish): Kuinka tienata kirppiksellä?


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